folding boat RZ 96 Pouch

This RZ two-seat traveller ‘96 is an advancement on the classic RZ ‘85. It has all of the safety features, making it ideal as a family boat. For instance, it has an extremely sturdy wood framework designed for carrying added loads. It is also geared to a greater level of safety when travelling in maritime waters and large lakes.

speed: ●●●●○○
tilt-resistant: ●●●●●●
rigging time: ●●●●●●
additional load: ●●●●●●
persons: 3
sailing option: yes
motor option: yes

What’s more, the RZ 96’ inner-tube technology boosts safety and simplifies rigging while the boat’s skin consists of an impregnated stress-resistant upper cotton canopy that stays 100% breathable. Finally, the hull offers the two options of plastic or hypalon skin along with a trevira support fabric. That boosts abrasion-proofness and offers UV and salt water resistance while its skin is non-sensitive to low temperatures.

One component of the boat’s skin is two air hoses running on the side over the entire length of the boat, thus guaranteeing double safety. Beyond this, we use high-quality ash for the wood framework, while the frames, the floor strips and board walls are waterproof glued plywood. The new fitting technology made of stainless steel guarantees quick and easy rigging. Together with the altered framework design, this creates a packing mass of only 1.55m – consisting of rucksack and rod bag.

The RZ '96 – Two-Seater traveller costs only 3,100 EUR.

Accessory equipment:

pannier 295,00 EUR
control 235,00 EUR
paddle 89,00 EUR