folding boat RZ 85 Pouch

It has proven its worth a thousand times – our big vacation classic for two persons. The RZ '85 was designed and built for camping vacations.

speed: ●●●●●○
tilt-resistant: ●●●●●○
rigging time: ●●●●●○
additional load: ●●●●●○
persons: 2
sail option: yes
motor option: yes

It’s great for all inland waters because it offers a robust construction with excellent riding qualities and all the storage space you need for your tent and camping equipment. The foldable ash wood framework and Finnish birch frames glued 9 times provide durability, elasticity and stability for a long folding boat service life. The skin of the folding boat made of 3-fold plastic-coated trevira fabric in the lower part makes this the least sensitive to abrasion with an upper part consisting of breathable impregnated cottons. The RZ '85 has carried whole youthful generations and memories through the waters.

This is the ship of our boats. Ship ahoy!

The RZ '85 – Two-Seater traveller costs only 2,700 EUR.
Accessory equipment:

pannier 295,00 EUR
control 235,00 EUR
paddle 89,00 EUR