folding boat FZ 13 Pouch

The FZ '13 is not only a touring boot for rivers and lakes. With its mature stainless steel mounting technology, it is also suited to salt water. Its hallmark is generous space, excellent initial stability and a low packing mass.

speed: ●●●●●●
tilt-resistant: ●●●●●○
rigging time: ●●●●●●
additional load: ●●●●●●
persons: 3
sail option: yes
motor option: yes

In other words, a typical family boat.

The framework of the FZ '13 consists of solid ash and glued waterproof birch plywood. With its three-way dip coating, it guarantees a high level of elasticity, form stability and a long service life..

But, there’s even more. Its mature stainless steel mounting technology allows easy non-wear rigging with its flapping foldings. The material is non-sensitive to salt water and the boat’s skin consists of a very long-wearing PVC/PU coating in the hull. Furthermore, the upper deck is non-sensitive to moisture and can be packed even when it is wet. Finally, the air hoses built into the PVC/PU coating guarantee maximum safety while making rigging easy.

The FZ '13 – TWO-SEAT/THREE-SEAT costs only 3,300 EUR.
Accessory equipment:

pannier 250,00 EUR
control 235,00 EUR
paddle 89,00 EUR