Once upon a time, there was an Eskimo.

If you wanted to tell the history of POUCHER FOLDING BOATS, that would be a good starting point because the idea behind the folding boat is very old. It is based on the idea of having a safe and lightweight water vehicle with a simple design. That’s how we have been making folding boats in the city of Pouch in Germany since 1953 – all of it by hand right up to the present day. As a matter of fact, you can still see older models from then on rivers and lakes all over the world. That’s something we’re proud of. The owners of Poucher folding boats still profit today from the experience gathered by a whole generation of folding boat riders. And there are good reasons why we still use natural materials alongside of hypalon or nylon.


Establishing Pouch’s county operations, producing plastic shoes, rain capes, work clothing and portmanteau boards


Transformed into VEB Wassersport- und Campingbedarf Pouch, expanding our production areas to making tents, sleeping bags, inflatable mattresses and camping articles


Launching expanded production of our current production line including new models such as the lake Kayak model


Expanding the tarpaulin department (for biogas systems and tarred canvass for trucks/vans) starting in 2003


Transformed into VEB Kunststoff- und Textilverarbeitungswerk Pouch and launching production of folding boats: the E65 one-seater hiking model, WZ80 two seater hiking model, KS75 keel sports boat and the RZ85 two-seat traveller


Transformed into Work II of Pouch at VEB Favorit Taucha, expanding our production area separating folding boat production from the production of other camping articles


Expanding our range of accessories (development of the Professional Pacific Sail with the headsail furling)


New line of pool and shading systems in 2010


Starting in 1996 we add a new product to our line of folding boats every year


Poucher Faltboot GmbH was established and the company was privatised as a manufacturer of folding boats and carpenter’s workshop


Transferring folding boat production to Pouch, Germany including Sonneberg (Pax boat model) and Leipziger Faltbootfabrik (Stern boat model)


Our company was taken over and restarted under the name of Poucher Faltboot GmbH at the same address in Pouch, Germany. We still have the same experienced employees working here.